This is the official timeline of the Bongoverse.


5000 BC

4000 BC

2000 BC

245 BC - The lost hammer of Malgo is discovered by Romans

110 - The Cult of Bongo is formed

111 - The Cult of Bongo begins attacking Roman Garrisons, starting the slow decline of the Empire

125 - The Cult of Mongo is formed by the Roman Emperor, Levictus Caesar, to destroy the Cult of Bongo

1358 - The Cult of Bongo creates the Bongohood to seek out and destroy anything related to Mongo

1984 - After hundreds of years, Bongo and the Watchers returned to Earth

1997 - Bongo (Disguised as a cat), is looked after by the elderly man Juan Kantor

2014 - Juan Kantor is murded by Mongo. 

- His son Philius renames Juan's company from The Kantor institution to The Bongo Institution after Bongo avenges Juan.

- Philius creates Bongoworld, a theme park in Belfast.

2032 - Philius Bongo passes away. His son Kantor Bongo liquidises his father's company into his own, called Bongo Congo Corp.