Ravash Kaladashi was a human bounty hunter who roamed the sprawling streets of Coruscant stealing and murdering. He was born into a poverty-stricken family who had to steal food and money to survive. He went to a small school and got bullied because he was so poor. One day Ravash took his father's knife into school with him and butchered his whole class. He never went back to school. Since his parents often abused him, when he returned home from school he murdered his parents as well. He went on the run to evade the police droids that investigated the murders.

Meeting the HuttEditEdit

Today was the day. The day in which Ravash would either win the favour of the hutts, or be killed. He was going to pitch his idea for a new bomb he had been working on. He called it the 'Vortex Detonator'. It sucks in everything in a 10 meter radius around it and vomits it back out as fire. Ravash smiled to himself as he walked through the door into the Hutt's labrynth. "Ah, Ravash, I've been waiting for you. Take a seat," the Hutt said. Ravash sat down.