Battle of Galidraan Edit

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Day 1: Landing - Communications, Rescue and Rendezvous Edit

Land, fight through village, find ferrigo after going through forest

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The Convention of the Clans  (25 BBY) Edit

The Clone Wars Edit

Enlistment - Prologue Edit

Wake up, go to place enlist in GAR and meet Springer and Rex Hide

Siege of Skako Edit

Gets deployed along with the nickname squad

A desperate, early bid to seize the techno union homeworld

defeat with 10k+ GAR volunteer casualties and 15k+ clone casualties

Desolation of Drongar Edit

Another deployment

Get promoted

Hunt on Hypori Edit

Hunts for Jaelen

Recruitment on Ryloth Edit

Founds Mekk Akaata

Flight to Florrum Edit

Leaves GAR and takes a spice shipment from pirates. promptly steals the spice and sells it on for a higher price.

Mekk Syndicate Edit

Refounds Mekk Akaata into the Mekk Syndicate halfway through the CW

Sells lots of spice - explore underworld and various crime families and gangs

Plan crossover with jeulin - esvald magnaside going after the syndicate?

Reference to the brotherhood and mons at some stage - how corrupt it is?

Rhodan is the main base of operations for the syndicate

From 19 BBY the Mekk Syndicate wage a guerilla war against the planet's government

In 17 BBY they win and Pud Mekk is put into power as Prime Minister of Rhodan

He makes a deal with Imperial Moff Randolph Disraeli of Sector Brata for the planet of Rhodan to become an Imperial Protectorate with Pud as the Governor and his Syndicate as his Guard.

Rhodan rises up in revolution once news of the deathstar reaches Pud as he rallies his people and conquers half the sector

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