The Bongoverse Movie Series is a series of movies set in the Bongoverse. They are all written by Lord Kantor, directed by The Cherry and distributed by Kantor Industries. So far, four story arcs (Tiers) have been comissioned. 

Prequel: The War

The War is about the Civil War between Mongo and Bongo.

Christmas Prequel: Santa Bongo

Tier One: Revenge

Revenge's 5 movies feature Mongo as the main villain.

Tier Two: Evolution

Evolution's 5 movies explore the types of Guardians and Watchers, while delving deep into the family politics.

Tier Three: Darkness

Darkness' 5 movies contain a new threat that rises from the rim of the void...

Tier Four: Vengeance

Vengeance's 5 movies feature Mongo, who has been resurrected by humans and Voidaks from the Cult of the Void. Voidlon and Mongo attack humanity in this thrilling conclusion to the epic saga.